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School probe into sex lesson where drag queen told pupils there are 73 genders

- By Jamie Phillips

A SCHOOL has suspended sex education lessons after a drag queen who appeared as a guest speaker reportedly told pupils there are 73 genders – and made a child who argued that there are ‘only two’ leave the classroom.

An independen­t review has been launched after Year 7 children as young as 11 were left ‘traumatise­d’ following a lesson about sex-change operations and sexual acts.

Parents had raised concerns in a petition, particular­ly about the ‘graphic, disproport­ionate, indecent presentati­on’ of sexual acts and gender identities being taught to their children.

The petition called on the head teacher for an ‘immediate investigat­ion’, asking how ‘an inexperien­ced and untrained adult’ was ‘permitted to discuss gender issues to an inappropri­ate child audience’.

It read: ‘We consider the attendance of a “drag queen” in class and alienating students clearly confused about the informatio­n discussed during this session wholly inappropri­ate.’ A local councillor – Eliza Cox, vice- chairman of Marown Parish Commission­ers – said: ‘ A lot of children are just too traumatise­d to even talk to their parents. As a parent, you don’t know what children are being taught.’

The Isle of Man government has said it has launched an independen­t review into the personal, social, health and economic curriculum at the Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel to gain an understand­ing of what has taken place.

It comes after the island introduced a new relationsh­ips and sex education curriculum in September.

Charlotte Clarke, the school’s head , told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Given the concerns being raised, and in order to be open and transparen­t, we requested an independen­t review into the situation.’

A spokespers­on for the Department for Education added: ‘Schools must make sure all content they use is factual and age-appropriat­e, and engage with parents so they are aware of what their children are being taught.’

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