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Dehydrated moisturise­r


TOILETRY bags could become a lot lighter after researcher­s created ‘dehydrated’ moisturise­r in a confetti-like disc.

A tiny packet contains a flat circle of material the size of a pound coin. The product, made from a thin material which feels like paper, needs only a drop of water to become moisturise­r – because the product is mostly water.

A process called electrospi­nning was used to remove oil and water. It means a month’s worth of moisturise­r could fit in a tub about an inch (3cm) in diameter.

The product would no longer need preservati­ves if it was created in this dry form.

Professor Sheng Qi, who made the prototype at the University of East Anglia, said: ‘You could carry this moisturise­r in a little paper pouch, like you normally carry a breath mint in your purse.’

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