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I WAS offered a new TalkTalk contract for £25 for broadband and £8 for anytime UK calls in November. However, my first bill was more than £60 as they had charged me for all my calls on top of the £25. My bill for January was the same. I’ve now phoned them three times and they said it has been resolved but it has not.

C. E., Maidstone.

A SpokeSMAN for TalkTalk says this was caused by a technical error. The company has now refunded all your call charges, reapplied your call boost and will provide the first three months free as a gesture of goodwill.

I BOUGHT a jacket from Mona.co.uk for £89 on September 16 but decided to return it the following day. I am still waiting for a refund. Please help.

L. R., Lisburn.

MoNA.co.uk says that the delay was due to technical issues with its payment provider at the time your return was processed. It has since posted you a cheque.

MY HUSBAND had a pendant with Careium — an alert system if he had a fall. He died in June 2021 but Careium has continued to send invoices every month in his name. I’ve tried calling, sending letters and a copy of his death certificat­e but I still received an invoice for February. It’s very distressin­g. M. C., Eastbourne.

cAReIuM has now closed the account for your husband and called you to apologise for the distress this has caused.

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