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Charles’s Coronation: will it be the end of the monarchy or a brave new dawn?


I FOUND Jan Moir’s article on the future of the monarchy (Mail) wide of the mark. It’s like with parish priests — we have to ‘take the rough with the smooth’. And with the monarchy, at least we can see what’s coming. King Charles and his wife are a bit old for the job but they have a lot of experience and are doing well, and we have William and Kate to look forward to. The UK would be a very dull place without the Royal Family.

Dr Steve Brennan,

thornhill, Derbys.

I AGREE with Jan Moir about the King, even though I have always considered myself a royalist. I feel sorry for Charles, as he will always be compared with his mother. I also believe that, while the Commonweal­th loved the Queen, there was little affection for the monarchy itself.

I lived in Australia for a long time and the calls for it to become a republic were getting louder over the years. Many Australian­s believe the monarchy is an outdated institutio­n and it’s only a matter of time before republican­ism eventually

succeeds in changing the constituti­on of Australia.

D. BuRNETT, Sandown, IoW. JAN MOIR shouldn’t be so hard on Charles and Camilla. Without the Royal Family, we could have Keir Starmer or Tony Blair as our president. CHERRY GREEN, Aylsham, Norfolk. HONESTLY, Jan, I’m surprised at you. What does it matter if Charles is as charismati­c a garden gnome (in your view)? You seem to think he is just another celebrity. I suppose you would prefer Brad Pitt to be King, so you could scream: ‘I love you Brad!’ It doesn’t matter what King Charles looks like. He is an ordinary human being to his family, but for a British subject he is the embodiment of the nation. If you insult him, you insult Britain. Would you prefer some little upstart like Mr Blair or Mr Johnson as head of state?

Mr D. COMBE, Almeria, Spain. JAN MOIR is spot on. King Charles’s Coronation could well signal the beginning of the end of the monarchy. It is a lacklustre event that nobody wants. The sight of two elderly adulterers being crowned is an affront to most people’s moral standards. More, the amount of money being wasted on this pageantry is a slap in the face to struggling families and pensioners. Charles should cancel the Coronation, donate the money for it to charity, and announce that in two years’ time he will abdicate so Prince William can accede to the throne.


Southport, Merseyside. CHARLES and Camilla have a hard act to follow, but let’s give them a chance and wish them luck. Time will tell.

MIKE MAIN, South Hykeham, Lincs. JAN MOIR has a point, but I would suggest she thinks on. Get rid of royalty and you create a space to be filled — by what? True socialism is a pipe dream. Someone has to lead the parade, and with any luck it will be someone worth following. DOT JuPITuS, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex.

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