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Skirting the rules


IF, AS claimed, male teachers measured the length of girls’ skirts at a school in Merseyside, this was bound to cause trouble. As a teacher,

if I thought a girl’s skirt was too short, I asked a female colleague to step in and measure it for me.

however, schools nowadays make their uniform regulation­s very clear. there are always pupils who will challenge them and, unfortunat­ely, parents who scream abuse about their rights at every opportunit­y — and frequently complain about a lack of discipline at the same time.

k. MILLS, Hampton, S.W. London. FRoM 1960- 1967 I attended a grammar school where it was common for girls to be held back after morning assembly to have the length of their skirts measured.

We also had to wear a beret out of school, and if we were spotted without one, the punishment was having to learn a poem. to the best of my knowledge, none of us was mentally scarred by this.

M. raffertY, ripon, n. Yorks.

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