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Nations’ shame


I WoNDER if Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela would have abstained in the united Nations vote against the barbarous Russian war in independen­t, democratic ukraine. Didn’t India and South Africa fight to free themselves from colonial rule?

W. BarCLaY, address supplied.

IS It time India, Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh reviewed

their membership of the Commonweal­th?

All four countries abstained in the UN motion censuring Russia’s invasion.

What part of the Commonweal­th’s principle of democracy and freedom do they not understand?

ROBIN FRENCH, Brentwood, Essex. I WOULD like a full list to be published of all items made by well- known companies that are still being supplied to Russia. I have already stopped buying my favourite Magnum ice creams and Dove soap. Mrs M. KRAMER, Gillingham, Kent.

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