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Naughty films


LAST Friday, the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle had an item on Joanna Lumley’s appearance in the 1971 comedy, Games That Lovers Play.

When I worked at the Odeon Clerk Street in Edinburgh, now long closed, this film formed part of one of the most outrageous double-entendre pairings of the period, as the support feature was called One On Top Of The Other.

It was a challenge getting both titles on the front- ofhouse canopy but provided a few titters (of the Frankie Howerd variety) for passers-by.

As a footnote, was there ever a longer film title to fit on a front- of- house readograph than 1967’s The Persecutio­n And Assassinat­ion Of JeanPaul Marat As Performed By The Inmates Of The Asylum Of Charenton Under The Direction Of The Marquis De Sade? Most cinemas simply put up ‘Marat-Sade’. CHARLES PICKEN, Cramlingto­n, Northumber­land.

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