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■ HOW public spirited of Lady Susan Hussey to answer the call for oldies to return to work (Diary). I’m staying on my allotment.

PETER TOZER, Hinchley Wood, Surrey.

■ THE antics of the Police and Crime Commission­er for Lancashire surely indicate the uselessnes­s of this overpaid post. PCCs’ salaries would be better spent on a handful of extra constables.

C. J. WILLIAMS, Denbury, Devon.

■ WE’RE told 100,000 civil servants will walk out on March 15. They’ll have to walk in first.

BARRY LEIGH, Harrow, Middlesex.

■ LITTER on motorway verges would be cut overnight if there was a refundable deposit on cans and plastic bottles.

JOHN MARSHALL, Long Bennington, Lincs.

■ WHAT a yoke! Boxer Conor Benn was cleared of failing a drugs test due to eating too many eggs. I assume he’s fighting at featherwei­ght.

ROY SIMMONS, Eaton Bray, Beds.

■ SHAME the People’s Postcode Lottery needs to raise ticket prices by 20 per cent. I suppose somebody has to pay for Jason Donovan to enlighten us to the winning streets.


■ INCLUDING ‘sabre-rattling’ police officers among ‘these strikers’ is grossly unfair (Letters). There has not been a police day lost to strike action in this country since 1919.

COLIN MacDONALD, Nottingham.

■ THE easy way to overcome ‘woke offence’ issues is to ban all reading, writing and talking.

TERRY DAVIES, Tatsfield, Surrey.

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