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1 Coloured circles, especially those on military aircraft showing their nationalit­y (8) 5 Thin layers of colour applied with long sweeps of a brush (6)

10 Speak ____, expression meaning ‘to show something clearly without need for words’ (7) 11 ____ Mirvis, Chief Rabbi in the UK, knighted in the 2023 New Year Honours (7)

12 Sofia, tennis player who won the 2020 Australian Open women’s singles (5)

13 Bad ____, TV sitcom starring Jack Whitehall as teacher Alfie Wickers (9)

14 Profession­al role of the title character in the book and film Goodbye, Mr. Chips (12) 18 A complex network of cells, tissues etc. that defends the body against infection (6,6) 21 Mountain in the Lake District that includes Striding Edge and Swirral Edge (9)

23 Alfie, actor who played Theon Greyjoy in

Game Of Thrones (5)

24 One who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink (7)

25 ____ Jones, fictional archaeolog­y professor with a fedora and a bullwhip (7) 26 Surname of the longestrun­ning family in Emmerdale (6)

27 Washington’s Birthday, also called Presidents’ Day, is a U.S. holiday on the third Monday of this month (8)


1 To cancel officially a decision,

decree or promise (6)

2 An area of high or

hilly ground (6)

3 ____ Order, order of preaching friars and nuns founded in 1215 by the eponymous Saint (9)

4 ____ d’Avignon, cubist oil painting by Pablo Picasso depicting five naked women (3,11)

6 ____ Behn, female English poet of the Restoratio­n period (5)

7 ____ Bucket, sitcom character who is embarrasse­d by her brother-in-law Onslow (8)

8 A college that trains students

to be priests or rabbis (8)

9 A cocktail made of a strong Mexican drink, orange juice and grenadine syrup (7,7)

15 ____ McQueen, fashion designer whose final runway show was Plato’s Atlantis in 2009 (9)

16 Foo ____, rock band in which

Dave Grohl is lead vocalist (8) 17 Chris, former Manchester United defender who joined Roma in 2020 (8)

19 A white wine grape found mostly in Italy’s EmiliaRoma­gna region (6)

20 Day Of ____ speech, reaction by U.S. President Roosevelt to the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (6) 22 To avoid danger typically in

a skilful or cunning way (5)


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