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FOR your chance to win, solve the crossword to reveal the word reading down the shaded boxes. HOW TO ENTER: Call 0901 293 6233 and leave today’s answer and your details, or TEXT 65700 with the word CRYPTIC, your answer and your name. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Or enter by post by sending the completed crossword to Daily Mail Prize Crossword 17,044, PO Box 28, Colchester, Essex CO2 8GF. Please include your name and address. One weekly winner chosen from all correct daily entries received between 00.01 Monday and 23.59 Friday. Postal entries must be date-stamped no later than the following day to qualify. Calls/texts must be received by 23.59; answers change at 00.01. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply, see Page 50.


1 Man is recalled in inlet working effectivel­y (8)

5 Increase advance for a particular purpose (4,2)

9 Humble fellows beginning to traverse lower floor (8)

10 Place with English miners’ group in assembly (6)

12 Sumptuous, surplus heated houses (4)

13 Duplicate legal document here uncovered for advertisin­g employee (10)

15 One given ridicule coughs talking in a strange way (8,5)

19 Period after time in theatre, perhaps (13)

23 Examples come before notes at intervals (10)

25 Ordinary friend requires gemstone (4)

28 I had it having to restrain old society fools (6)

29 Water is spilt by second restaurant worker (8)

30 Common expression, for example, in capital of Greece (6)

31 Leaning shown by figure, duke in French city’s outskirts (8)


1 Element in firm taken with a lot of Indian cuisine (6)

2 Hotel has very large jacket for timeless entertaine­rs (5)

3 Identical element among lawless Americans (4)

4 Painter in leading group with energy glimpsed here, initially (3,4)

6 Roof worker left in part of stand (5)

7 A tent open for baking Italian bread (9)

8 Exercise by male with no financial resources in Welsh town (8)

11 Greenish-blue walls in company again (4)

14 Jack united with artist in Hebridean island (4)

15 Durable sorts enjoy this yet loving to be different (9)

16 Doubts info so on a regular basis (3)

17 Transmit opening to song before completion (4)

18 Bob and Charlie spread spite around clubs as doubtful sorts (8)

20 Ideal environmen­t in European study (4)

21 Bed given label close to twee country residence (7)

22 Moment taken by Yankee that’s ostentatio­us (6)

24 Start to empty a container and dine at home (3,2)

26 Writer keeping article twice as a work of praise (5)

27 Examine restricted horsebreed­ing establishm­ent (4)

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