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What action would you take on this hand after your right hand opponent (RhO) opens 1Nt (12-14)?

The chances that you have discussed this situation with your partner are remote, because it’s not likely to arise very often. You must not double, whatever the vulnerabil­ity, because this would be for penalties, and the hand is quite unsuitable. Apart from the fact that your opponent could make his contract if clubs don’t break, there is a strong likelihood that either LhO or your partner would make a weakness takeout — and you will have missed a great opportunit­y to describe your hand accurately.

The convention­al bid to show this powerful twosuiter is 2NT; this cannot possibly be treated as ‘natural’ because with a strong balanced hand, you would of course double. 2NT is game-forcing, and partner is expected to bid his lowest suit (3 ♣ ). With a less powerful hand than this — say, small cards instead of the two aces — you’d need to make a simple overcall in one of the suits.

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