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DeSantis: Be aggressive over Brexit

- By Jason Groves Political Editor

MINISTERS should be more ‘aggressive’ in exploiting the benefits of Brexit, a leading contender for the US presidency said last night.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis revealed he is a ‘big supporter’ of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Mr DeSantis is seen as the leading rival to Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024.

In an interview with The Times, he said: ‘My impression is that the Conservati­ve Party hasn’t been as aggressive at

‘Fulfilling that vision’

fulfilling that vision as they should have been and that maybe they’ll get punished in the next election as a result of that.

‘There’s been some disappoint­ment, from what I can tell, that it wasn’t done more aggressive­ly.’

The comments from Mr DeSantis will fuel hopes that a Republican win next year could revive the prospects of a UK/US trade deal – seen as one of the key economic prizes of Brexit, which has stalled since President Joe Biden took office.

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