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Harry goes spare


HARRY and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Victimhood, are said to be livid that the King is evicting them from Frogmore Cottage. But why?

This is not an act of retributio­n, even if Charles is hurt by his son’s vitriolic attacks against the Royal Family. nor is he stirring up a hornet’s nest before his Coronation.

The truth is, the pair have made clear they’ll not return from California. The King is simply getting on with the business of being monarch – and that involves making best use of all the royal residences. While the Home Office insists a new anti- spying law will not criminalis­e journalist­s who expose scandals, the Press has grave concerns it will do so. So we welcome minister Lord Sharpe placing on record in Parliament that bona fide journalist­s will not ‘fall within the scope’ of the national Security Bill. We trust the courts will heed his words should ever a government try to punish a journalist for publishing a story it doesn’t like.

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