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PRINCE William’s visit to the homelessne­ss charity the Passage had to be handled sensitivel­y by aides, with the heir declaring: ‘everyone deserves a place to call home.’ Why the delicacy? It was seen as a potentiall­y awkward message from someone with five residences. Adelaide Cottage at Windsor Castle was given to him and Kate by the Queen last year. It joined their properties at Kensington Palace and on the sandringha­m estate. William has also gained properties in Cornwall and Llandovery since becoming Prince of Wales. Fortuitous­ly, none of the Passage’s dispossess­ed asked him at which abode he was laying his head that night.

IN THE midst of Laurence Fox’s careerdest­roying culture war, his friend Daniel Mays told him to shut up. ‘I phoned him and said, “You’ve got to stop tweeting… are you not worried about your career?”’ says Mays, who co-stars with Fox in White Lines. ‘The whole cancellati­on thing, it’s frightenin­g… you work with these people, then all of a sudden they’re gone.’ Well, up to a point. Fox has just landed a movie role as Joe Biden’s son Hunter and tweeted triumphant­ly about his ‘un-cancellati­on’.

PETRONELLA Wyatt brings her pet dog Maxi to Piers Morgan’s talk Tv studio to find her fellow guest is her bete noire, the well-nourished MP Kit Malthouse. ‘Mildly embarrasse­d,’ she tweets. ‘during lockdown, when he was being an officious bully, I wrote that I doubted he had three friends to meet.’ On forgetting Maxi’s basket, she adds: ‘Hopefully, Piers can use it for one of his guests, though I doubt it’s big enough for Malthouse.’

THE scene in Babylon where Margot Robbie, pictured, is bitten on the neck by a rattlesnak­e and saved by having the venom sucked from the wound is debunked in

Total Film magazine.

Venom pharmacolo­gist Jarred Williams pontificat­es: ‘There is no evidence of sucking the venom out of a wound ever having any beneficial effect.’ While safe from rattlesnak­es, cinemagoer­s risk assault by turkey viewing the widely panned Babylon.

ACTOR Andrew Buchan won the approval of Matt Hancock when he portrayed him in sky Covid drama this england. the ex-health secretary, who left wife Martha for aide Gina Coladangel­o, mewled: ‘I was quite flattered.’ Has Buchan – he’s bolted from wife Amy nuttall for co-star Leila Farzad – been infected with the curse of Roving eye Matt?

WHEN Tony Blair started his climb up the political ladder he was helped by Labour MP Tom Pendry, who became his shadow sports minister. But Pendry, who has died aged 88, didn’t get a job after Labour’s 1997 landslide. ‘I’ve got some bad news,’ Blair told him, adding: ‘It’s time to move on.’ A devastated Pendry replied: ‘You can only move on after you’ve arrived.’

ON TUESDAY Ardal O’Hanlon, Father ted’s dougal, paid tribute to his co-stars who played Fathers ted and Jack, both coincident­ally departing for the celestial Craggy Island on February 28, tweeting: ‘Fondly rememberin­g my friends dermot Morgan and Frank Kelly on this fateful day. And staying indoors.’

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