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I sit at my computer

But I do not go online, I’ve made a firm decision And I’ve set aside this time. I look around the desktop And my heart begins to sink, It’s crowded and it’s messy, ‘But I must!’ is what I think. So then I start, determined­ly, I boldly click, click, click, All files must go where they belong,

And make it double-quick. Then when the desktop’s nice and clear

I look inside my folders, The weight of lots and lots of files

Must fall from burdened shoulders.

I search for things of no more use

And gladly choose ‘Delete’, I feel my spirits start to rise As things start looking neat. The photo folder’s stuffed with duds

That never can be shown, I weed them out and then I check —

Free memory has grown! Now, can I face the toughest task?

I take a breath that’s deep. I log in to my email

And my tension levels leap. The inbox (overflowin­g)

Is a nightmare to behold, To whittle down these emails Takes a nerve that’s tough and bold.

The spam must go, the adverts too,

The offers and the deals, And messages from long ago Can follow on their heels. And as I work I make a vow —

‘I’ll tidy as I go.’

Will I stick to that regime? I hope but I don’t know. I’m on a roll, I power ahead, The end is now in sight. I’ve faced the worst, I’m oh-so-close

To making things just right. And when — at last! — the task is done

And order is restored, I heave a sigh of great relief And gin is gladly poured. June Welles, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

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