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Rishi’s triumph?


There are two ways of looking at rishi’s Windsor framework deal. either we are inching further towards actually leaving behind the eu, or they are giving a little bit here and there, waiting for another Theresa May — or perhaps Keir starmer?

JoHn EVAnS, Wokingham, Berks. The Government was determined to push through its deal, yet the duP cannot reconcile itself to powershari­ng with sinn fein and will use any seemingly legitimate measures to be obstructiv­e.

As a Northern Ireland exile, I have been aware for decades that the rest of the world is not interested in the politics of the six Counties — a fact that parochial hardline unionists cannot grasp.

DAVID FLEMIng, Downham Market, norfolk.

I’M AfrAId the duP would probably say no even if the eu and Britain gave in to all their demands.

ALAn JACoBS, Biddenham, Beds.

As WITh any agreement made between the uK and the eu, the devil is in the detail.

According to rishi sunak, the ‘stormont Brake’ amounts to a veto capability, whereas ursula von der Leyen is equally clear that the new deal is only an agreement and not legally binding. finally, she declares that european Court of Justice judges are the ultimate arbiters in any dispute. sounds like game, set and match to the eu.

DES MoRgAn, Swindon, Wilts.

eVeN before the deal was announced, the BBC was trying to sell it as offering ‘greater sovereignt­y’. This is nonsense. either the uK has full control over Northern Ireland or it doesn’t. A deal that offers stormont the chance to assess any new eu rules, with a continuing role for the eCJ, is not offering sovereignt­y.

RICHARD HoWLETT, Chessingto­n, gtr London.

If The european Court of Justice is involved in any way in the new Northern Ireland agreement, I for one will not vote Conservati­ve at the next election. We voted Leave to get away from the control of the eCJ.

M. gREEn, London SW16.

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