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■ SO THE first step to getting richer by using only cash, as Lisa Woodley suggests (Mail), is to ‘order a binder’. Is it me?

GABRIELLE CARE, Grendon, Warks.

■ I’VE just received my winter gas bill, which should have been intercepte­d and confiscate­d under the Obscene Publicatio­ns Act.

GRAHAM GARNER, Bracknell, Berks.

■ I SAW someone walking along today and they weren’t staring at their phone.


■ GREATER Manchester fire chief Dave Russel, who dislikes the word ‘fireman’, shouldn’t have the macro-aggressive ‘Greater’ in his title.


■ THE success of England’s rugby fly-half Owen Farrell in kicking for goal in the Six Nations is just 47 per cent. Why is he still in the team?

G.S. STRYDOM, Felpham, W. Sussex.

■ I ENJOYED watching a Roy Rogers film yesterday, despite the Trigger warnings.


■ HARROW Council in London has introduced an hour’s free on-street parking to help businesses in the borough. Let’s hope other councils follow suit.

BRIAN BEST, High Wycombe, Bucks.

■ WHEN Google can translate gobbledego­ok, I’ll be able to understand Keir Starmer.

D. WALKER, Barrowford, Lancs.

■ WILL Therese Coffey say ‘let them eat kale’?

AMANDA YATES, Wideopen, Tyneside.

■ JUGGLE the letters of ‘Rishi’ and you get ‘Irish’.

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