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Reflux has reduced thanks to soothing gel


ANNE Pritchard has been troubled by reflux for more than ten years, often causing her to cough at night and wake up breathless.

She says: ‘It can be scary. The acid burns the back of my throat, leaving it red and sore. And I get a horrible taste in my mouth. ‘I can’t take some indigestio­n medicines because of the side effects. I get all those listed!’ Anne (pictured), 73, says she follows all the usual advice, from not overeating to avoiding trigger foods and taking time out to relax. ‘Reflux affects my social life,’ she explains. ‘I find it hard to enjoy meals with family and friends as there are so many foods and drinks I have to avoid. And my voice can be affected.’

She adds: ‘I’ve been using Silicolgel for around two years. It helps control the amount of acid and number of episodes of reflux and is especially helpful when eating out socially or while on holiday.’ Silicolgel contains silicic acid in a colloidal and hydrated gel that can relieve upper gastrointe­stinal disorders including reflux, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, abdominal discomfort and flatulence. Once taken, the gel forms a protective and soothing coating that lines the stomach, adsorbs irritants, and passes them out of the body.

Users often report relief from symptoms, feeling in better control of their life again. Silicolgel can be purchased in bottles or sachets from Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and health stores.

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