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CONOR BENN’S suggestion that he is going to sue boxing chiefs is prepostero­us. Suggesting there is an agenda against him because his dad, Nigel, once tore up his boxing licence is nonsense. You failed two drugs tests, Conor. You tried to build a case around the fact that there was contaminat­ion and bad practice in testing regimes which is also nonsense. That was booted out and now eggs in his diet is considered a reasonable defence — and we find out that was introduced into the equation by the World Boxing Council.

Are they his defence lawyers now?

So who runs boxing? Is it the promoter, followed by the fighter, followed by the media and then at the bottom of the pile, the governing body, the people you pay the least amount of attention to. How can that be right? You’ve got the promoter calling the sport’s general secretary a bull******r and you’ve got the fighter who has come up with the ruse of suing the governing body. I’m torn because I’d like Conor to exonerate himself but who failed the bleeding tests?

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