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NADINE DORRIES (former culture

secretary): ‘Sue Gray’s appointmen­t completely invalidate­s her Partygate report and shows that there was a deep laid plot to get rid of Boris Johnson. The former PM accepted her two reports on the strict understand­ing that she was impartial.’

JACOB REES-MOGG (former business secretary): ‘So much for an impartial Civil Service, the Gray report now looks like a Left-wing stitch up against a Tory prime minister.’

BRENDAN CLARKE-SMITH (former parliament­ary secretary for the Cabinet Office): ‘I am genuinely shocked to see this. After the events of last year, people will quite understand­ably be questionin­g the appropriat­eness of this appointmen­t, including issues of impartiali­ty surroundin­g Partygate.’

SIMON CLARKE (former levelling up secretary):

‘This is extraordin­ary news. Sue Gray has a long history of public service, but to move into such a significan­t political post given her pivotal role in events over the last year will raise a whole host of questions. Neutrality stood at the core of her credibilit­y.’

ALEXANDER STAFFORD (Tory party vice-chairman): ‘The Civil Service is meant to be impartial and above party politics. A very dodgy decision by Labour and Keir and it needs to be rejected to protect the integrity of our Civil Service.’

EDDIE HUGHES (former levelling up minister): ‘As a former minister at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communitie­s when Sue was there, I’m incredibly disappoint­ed to read this. The supposed neutrality of the Civil service is completely undermined by a switch like this.’

CRAIG MACKINLAY (Tory MP): ‘I’m bound to be partisan, but I defended independen­ce of this civil servant on her Partygate brief last year. Her dossier will form a key part of the Privileges Committee work to determine the parliament­ary career of a Conservati­ve colleague. Does this smell right?’

PAUL BRISTOW (Tory MP): ‘This would be a laughable appointmen­t if the optics weren’t so serious.

It raises question about the impartiali­ty of our entire senior Civil Service. Anyone who cares about this should be concerned with this appointmen­t. Wrong on so many levels.’

MARCO LONGHI (Tory MP): ‘Wow. So much for impartiali­ty. We now know the true motivation­s behind the investigat­ion. There is a real stench to this.’

LEE ANDERSON (Tory party deputy chairman): ‘The impartial Civil Service, eh? Whichever way you look at this, it just does not seem right. Or does it?’

ANDREA LEADSOM (former business secretary): ‘Surely not? How can the ex-head of propriety and ethics jump into a political role, in opposition to the government she just served? With no break? Seriously?’

PETER BONE (former Commons deputy leader):

‘You have got to be joking!’

FRIEND OF BORIS JOHNSON: ‘Starmer appointing Sue Gray as his Chief of Staff reveals what many have suspected all along: Partygate was a deliberate and manufactur­ed plot to oust a Brexit-backing Conservati­ve prime minister. The validity of the Sue Gray investigat­ion and its findings is now completely destroyed.’

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