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Labour took £4m from unions

- By David Churchill Chief Political Correspond­ent

LABOUR last year took more than £4 million from unions crippling Britain with their strikes, figures revealed yesterday.

Electoral Commission data showed that Labour was handed £4.1 million from unions behind the winter of discontent.

More than half (£2. million) came in the final six months of last year, when strike ballots and walkouts started ramping up. The figures sparked fresh accusation­s that Labour was ‘in the pockets’ of union pay masters.

About £3.5 million was given by Unite, Unison and the GMB – the three main unions behind devastatin­g ambulance strikes, which started in December and have put thousands of patients at risk. Saqib Bhatti, vice-chairman of the Conservati­ve Party, said: ‘Labour will do anything to get into power, or in this case, take money from anyone. The public can rightfully see the undeniable evidence of who bankrolls the party of protest.’

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘If you look at the strikes, Labour hasn’t condemned them and they’ve had Labour MPs and Shadow Cabinet ministers on picket lines. This shows why.’

The Labour Party was contacted for comment last night.

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