Daily Mail

Suella’s ‘ blind spot’ warning

- By Tom Pyman

POLITICAL correctnes­s has created a security blind spot which allows Islamist extremists to operate without being spotted, Home Secretary Suella Braverman has warned.

She told a counter-extremism conference that the entire PC concept should end, insisting: ‘We have a blind spot in the system. It has allowed certain Islamist groups to operate under our radar.’

In an excerpt from her speech, obtained by The Times, she stressed: ‘There can be no place for political correctnes­s in our national security. In fact, I’d like to banish it altogether.’

Her warning comes weeks after she demanded major reform of the Government’s anti-terror Prevent programme following a report which found it was ‘failing to understand’ Islamist extremism and was focusing too much on Rightwing terrorism.

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