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Proof Left-wing bias is ruining civil service


IT IS impossible to exaggerate the importance to good government of a scrupulous­ly impartial civil service.

So when top mandarin Sue Gray’s report into Partygate lambasted failings in Downing Street, which played a major role in Boris Johnson’s downfall as prime minister, her credibilit­y rested on her supposed unimpeacha­ble neutrality.

Now we discover she’s not just an ardent Labour supporter, she is soon to be a key player in Sir Keir Starmer’s inner circle.

Until her shock resignatio­n yesterday, she was entrusted with sensitive informatio­n by the Tory Government. As Starmer’s chief of staff, she will be in charge of his campaign to bring it down at the next election.

Ms Gray’s move not only casts doubt on her integrity, it also casts doubt on the legitimacy of her Partygate findings. Allies of Mr Johnson are already convinced he was nobbled by an Establishm­ent and Left-wing stitch-up in revenge for Brexit.

Equally disturbing, her damning report into lockdown-flouting parties at No 10 is being treated as crucial evidence by the Commons privileges committee investigat­ing whether Mr Johnson misled Parliament. If it finds him guilty, he could lose his seat. But how can he trust that he’ll get a fair hearing?

In hindsight, perhaps Ms Gray’s defection shouldn’t have been such a surprise. After all, the barrister who advised her on the Partygate probe was a card-carrying Labour activist and militant Remainer who expressed hostility to the PM online.

The truth is, these people are not honest brokers. The civil service is steeped in Leftwing (and anti-Brexit) bias, which is why it is so resistant to implementi­ng Tory policies.

As for Starmer, he is a weapons-grade hypocrite. How important it is, he bleats, for bureaucrat­s to be non-partisan.

His cloth-eared stupidity in so cynically offering Ms Gray a job is breathtaki­ng. This whole unedifying episode truly stinks.

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