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Blockade mob get fines of just £100

Six guilty over printworks eco stunt

- By James Tozer

SIX eco- protesters were yesterday fined as little as £100 for a printing press blockade which prevented newspapers being delivered to shops.

The stunt saw more than a million papers and magazines destroyed and recycled as lorries were barred from entering or leaving the site for nine hours, a court heard.

More than 100 Extinction Rebellion activists blocked entrances to printworks at Broxbourne, Hertfordsh­ire, and Knowsley, Merseyside, on September 4, 2020, stopping the distributi­on of 3.5million newspapers – including the Daily Mail.

The mob, who used vans, bamboo structures and even a boat, claimed they wanted to send a message about global warming.

Yesterday’s conviction of six people for aggravated trespass over the Knowsley blockade brings the total of conviction­s over the two stunts to at least 28 – although no one is believed to have been sent to prison.

Former zoology student Lydia Dibben, of no fixed address, was fined £100.

The 24-year-old daughter of a jewellery designer now works for a market garden for her bed and board.

Stuart Akroyd, 47, a father- of- five who ‘ survives on donations’ as he does not take benefits for ‘ideologica­l’ reasons, was fined the same amount.

Also of no fixed address, he has previous conviction­s including obstructin­g a constable.

William Morgan, 40, a private tutor from Sheffield who has a maths PhD, was given a 12-month conditiona­l discharge, as was apprentice carpenter Rhiann Beaumont, 27, of no fixed address. Roman Paluch-Machnik, 29, of Hanwell, London, was fined £100 while Thomas Dalton, 23, of Bristol, who the court heard earns £25,000 a year, was fined £300.

All six, none of whom gave evidence at Liverpool Magistrate­s’ Court, were each ordered to pay £750 towards prosecutio­n costs plus a victim surcharge.

Earlier Thomas Challinor, prosecutin­g, said whatever the ‘righteousn­ess or otherwise’ of their cause, the economic damage was considerab­le.

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Costly: Broxbourne protest
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