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Petfluence­rs take the lead


Dictionary.com has added more than 300 new words and phrases to its reference archive. they reflect how our modern lives are now lived online, with terms such as ‘rage farming’, ‘cyberflash­ing’, ‘trauma dumping’ and ‘petfluence­r’ all being added to the database. confused? Let me enlighten you. rage farming is ‘the tactic of intentiona­lly provoking political opponents’, typically by posting inflammato­ry content on social media. cyberflash­ing is the act of sending uninvited, sexually explicit images online. and trauma dumping is off-loading your negative experience­s onto unsuspecti­ng friends — or being a right moaning minnie, as we used to say in the olden days. the only hint of cheer is the ‘petfluence­r’, which is either a pet or a pet owner with a large following online. there’s a dog called JiffPom (left) on instagram who has 9.5 million followers, which is remarkable given reports that he died last year. Sorry to trauma dump on you, but it’s true.

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