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Paula and Amy — what a loss, what a waste


PAULA YATES and Amy Winehouse — two amazing, talented women whose lives ended too soon because of their drug and alcohol binges.

Channel 4 is to broadcast a new two-part documentar­y about Paula (pictured), while Amy is the subject of a new biographic­al film. Back To Black is being directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, with actress Marisa Abela as the doomed singer. I hope these production­s are not too bleak — but it is hard to see how big and small screen desolation can be avoided. Paula and Amy were heroin-abusing tragedienn­es and despite their talents and beauty, both became the ultimate losers in life. What a loss, what a waste. Let’s hope the message is clear that for many who start taking hard drugs there is no way back. To Black or anywhere else.

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