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Courteney knows who her real Friends are . . .


COURTENEY COX got her Hollywood star this week, and co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were there to celebrate. It’s so cheering to know not only were the Friends women friends in real life, they have stayed friends, too. ‘“Friends” taught me the importance of camaraderi­e and really sticking together. These friendship­s were at the most important time in my life, and we went through so many things together,’ Cox told Variety magazine this week.

‘It taught me about being there for each other — I know, that’s the song: “I’ll be there for you.” But it’s true. Everybody wanted the best for everybody. There was no jealousy, it was only let’s make the best show we can, and let’s support each other.’

What an inspiring testament to gal-pals and the enduring power and comfort of female friendship.


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