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Ghostly influencer with the CIA spooks on his tail


MOST recent films about the fashion industry have compounded the iconic status of giants such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood and Mary Quant.

But Fashion Reimagined (12A, ★★★★I) takes another approach, examining the dubious morality of an industry that, were it a country, would be the world’s thirdworst contributo­r to carbon emissions after China and the U.S. The particular focus of Becky Hutner’s documentar­y is an inspiring young woman called Amy Powney, creative director of Londonbase­d fashion company Mother Of Pearl.

In less sure hands the film could come across as an extended commercial, but by following Powney and her colleagues as they seek to tick every possible ethical box in the creation of their ‘No Frills’ collection, it is hugely enlighteni­ng about ‘one of the most destructiv­e industries on the planet’ and how it needs to change.

If that sounds worthy but dull, then look out for one of Powney’s heroes, designer Katharine Hamnett, as fierce and foulmouthe­d as ever in her advocacy for more sustainabl­e fashion. The film is in select cinemas from today.

I enjoyed the Netflix comedy We Have A Ghost (12, ★★★II), pictured above, in which a family move into a haunted house, befriend the resident spirit, Ernest (David Harbour), and try to capitalise by turning him into a social media sensation, which duly attracts the attention of the CIA’s paranormal investigat­ions department.

It’s fun, especially when Jennifer Coolidge screams into (and just as quickly out of) the picture as a mad TV medium.

I also really admired a sombre Belgian film, Close (12A, ★★★★I), in cinemas today. With skill and sensitivit­y writerdire­ctor Lukas Dhont tells the story of two 13-year-old boys, unusually devoted friends until their schoolmate­s start to ask questions of their sexuality, causing one to distance himself from the other with awful consequenc­es.

It’s very tenderly done and the acting, especially by the two boys, is wonderful.

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