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Robin’s twitter feed for discerning beaks

- Glynis Williams, Oundle, Northants.

I’m Robin Ronay, I critique wild bird food,

I visit bird tables in my neighbourh­ood.

I tweet my findings to my feathered friends

So they can keep up and follow the trends.

Last week I discovered quite near my nest

A terrific display that would be hard to best. Mealworms and peanuts, no sign of own brands,

And fat balls and pellets prepared fresh by hand. I must warn my followers about number eight,

The bird table there is not fit to rate.

Dry old crusts and left-over slop,

If you eat that stuff your feathers will drop. There are now new people in number seven,

Their menu so far has been simply heaven. Sunflower hearts, fruit flavoured blocks,

And I saw no sign of a cat or a fox.

So, till spring when we birds find our own seed,

Make sure you’re following my twitter feed.

Like Jay Rayner, the best is what you should seek.

It pays to have a discerning beak.

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