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Thankful for Brexit


aNDreW NeiL (Mail) concludes that rishi Sunak’s government will prove Brexit a failed experiment if it doesn’t grasp the economic possibilit­ies. But Brexit was a success from the moment it happened.

the vast majority of Brexiteers voted for freedom from the shackles of an eu hellbent on creating a united States of europe, with everincrea­sing power assigned to Brussels. We all knew the economy would be turbulent in the short term, and Covid didn’t help.

Brexit was and is about sovereignt­y, not the economy. Why did the brilliant idea of a Common Market with freedom of movement evolve into a political powergrab? it was because politician­s in europe saw an opportunit­y to centralise power in the hands of an unelected elite. thank god we are out, whatever the economic ramificati­ons.

JEFF POTTER, Yateley, Hants.

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