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Kate Forbes is right


JAN MOIR’S articles have given me much enjoyment, but i must take issue with a short item in her column

last Friday. in relation to SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes, who because of her Christian beliefs is against abortion, samesex marriages, sex before marriage and children born outside wedlock, Jan says: ‘Oh, come on. it’s 2023, not 1723’.

Not so long ago, before the uK became a godless nation, Kate Forbes’s views were mainstream for most people who professed themselves to be Christians. Would we prefer to live in the ‘modern’ world of record divorces, in which unmarried families are in the majority?

at 84 years of age, i’m approachin­g the final furlong of my life and, as a very lapsed Catholic, i shan’t be sorry to leave the world Jan Moir would prefer me to inherit. PATRICK ALAN ROBERTS,

Worthing, W. Sussex.

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