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That was me in those glossy Babycham ads!

- ANGIE RUTTER, Heswall, Wirral.

I WAS pleased to read Richard Marsden’s article (Mail) on the return of Babycham, the sparkling perry. As he says, it was a 1970s ‘marketing phenomenon’ and I played a part in it, as one of the Babycham models.

I was brought up in Newcastle and began modelling at the Lucie Clayton school in London’s Bond Street in the mid-Sixties. I did photograph­ic work from 1969 and worked through each decade since, until a few years ago. In the early Seventies I appeared in many mail order catalogues and was sent on trips to Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Malta, Germany and Canada. I also did covers for magazines such as My Weekly and Woman’s Own, often photograph­ed by Cornel Lucas.

In 1975 I was booked to be the Babycham girl and did two campaigns for the company. The adverts appeared in glossy magazines and a photograph from one of them was used on greetings cards that were on sale until about a year ago. The shoots didn’t take long in those days, although I had to keep wetting my hair (for the ad on the left) many times. That one is my favourite Babycham advert.

Jean HavillanD, Welwyn, Herts. MY NEW mother-in-law bought me a bottle of Babycham on my wedding day

— and that same afternoon I celebrated the birth of my son! I kept the bottle, as she had written the date on it for me. I wonder what it would

taste like now — my son will be 45 next week. I’m looking forward to trying a bottle of the new version soon.

 ?? ?? I’d love a Babycham! Jean Havilland with two of her 1970s advertisem­ents
I’d love a Babycham! Jean Havilland with two of her 1970s advertisem­ents

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