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6 Country whose independen­ce movement was led by Toussaint Louverture (5)

7 ____ theft, the fraudulent practice of using another person’s name to obtain credit etc. (8)

10 To record past events or note a future appointmen­t in a log book (7)

11 An enclosed structure in which material can be heated to very high temperatur­es (7)

12 ____ Carrington, English-born Mexican surrealist artist and writer born in 1917 (7)

13 A set of working instrument­s used for making or repairing something (4,3)

14 An element discovered in 1952 and named after a physicist born in

Ulm in Germany (11)

19 Harry, character in William Shakespear­e’s play Henry IV, Part I (7)

21 A frequent visitor to

a particular place (7)

23 ____ of Granby, pub name deriving from an English military leader in the Seven Years’ War (7)

25 Canadian political party of which Justin Trudeau was first elected leader in 2013 (7) 26 Singer-songwriter whose song Trouble Town is the theme tune to Happy Valley (4,4)

27 Accompanyi­ng or

following someone (2,3)


1 HMS ____, Gilbert and Sullivan operetta subtitled The Lass That Loved A Sailor (8)

2 A Japanese martial art using locks and pressure against joints (6)

3 One who profession­ally evaluates produce from vineyards (4,6)

4 ____ Lynne, musician

who co-founded ELO (4)

5 ____ Of The Clones, title of Star Wars Episode II in the sci-fi franchise (6)

6 A close grouping of

people or things (6)

8 An ice cream often topped with minced almonds or crumbled macaroons (7)

9 ____ officer, rank in the Royal Navy above leading seaman (5)

13 A branch of medical and cosmetic study concerned with the hair and scalp (10)

15 Planet whose largest

moon is Triton (7)

16 ____ date, the time when the final payment is due for a loan or other financial product (8) 17 A low-growing aromatic

plant of the mint family (5)

18 Marti, former lead singer

of Wet Wet Wet (6)

20 ____ Army, informal term for fans of the Scottish national football team (6)

22 A cone or cylinder holding thread or yarn used in weaving (6)

24 Yiddish term for

a synagogue (4)


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