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Parents’ anger as teachers send out gender-neutral school reports

- By Andy Jehring

PARENTS are outraged after a leading secondary school sent out gender-neutral school reports for all children without consultati­on.

Mothers and fathers were baffled when their children’s grades arrived from coeducatio­nal Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, with all pronouns changed.

The reports on the 11- to 16-year-olds also contained grammatica­l howlers while any mention of ‘he’ or ‘she’ was dropped.

Shocking sentences included a religious studies class report where a boy’s parents were told of their son: ‘ They needs to be able to explain different religious views on life after death’.

In another line, a pupil was told: ‘It would be even better if they took more care with Spelling Punctuatio­n and Grammar.’

One Year 9 boy’s father, who did not wish to be named, told the Mail: ‘This was totally unheralded as far as we can see.

‘ There’s been no announceme­nts, and suddenly they have adopted this policy, which presumably they were going to use in all of their communicat­ions.’

But Priory School headteache­r Jon Curtis-Brignell has insisted staff ‘do not have a gender-neutral communicat­ion policy’.

He claimed the poorly-written reports were down to a computer glitch from software that automates parts of the reports.

But it is not the first time apparent wokery has upset pupils and parents at the school, which boasts high-profile alumni including broadcaste­r Piers Morgan.

There were protests at the gates in 2019 when former headteache­r Tony Smith banned girls from wearing skirts as part of a genderneut­ral uniform rule.

Both male and female pupils wore skirts to ridicule the move, with Morgan even threatenin­g to wear a blouse and join them. Meanwhile, the latest move has left parents venting their frustratio­n in parent WhatsApp groups.

One mother with a 13-year-old son at the school believes Mr CurtisBrig­nell still has a woke agenda despite his denials.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: ‘Bringing in a blanket policy as a knee-jerk reaction to the gender issue is to completely miss the point.

‘Personal pronouns are a matter of choice for every individual and assigning the “they” pronoun to every pupil takes away their choice. The policy has been brought in to virtue signal the school’s pro-trans position but it actually disenfranc­hises all the pupils.’ Another mother with a 14year- old daughter at the school insisted that she had received further correspond­ence with genderneut­ral language, adding: ‘They should concentrat­e on educating our children properly and not getting mixed up in gender politics.’

Mr Curtis-Brignell added last night: ‘We have now completed an evaluation of our written reports, including the use of generic personal pronouns, and changes will

be implemente­d when the next reports are issued later in the academic year.

‘Any concerns raised with the school by parents and carers will always be responded to with openness, transparen­cy, and honesty.’

Cressida Murray, whose daughter Libby protested against the introducti­on of the gender-neutral school uniform, said: ‘It doesn’t surprise me at all. The school are so wrong-headed on the gender issue. It’s ridiculous.’

Her daughter left last year but she said the school needed to take stock of its position and leave pronouns to the personal choice of each individual pupil.

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