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Lipman: Camilla’s a proper geezer

- By Paul Revoir Media Editor Read our interview with Maureen Lipman in today’s Weekend magazine

Dame Maureen Lipman has praised Camilla as a ‘geezer’ – but warned she worries that Harry ‘isn’t the full shilling’.

The 76-year-old Coronation Street star also described the Queen Consort as a ‘marvellous girl’ and ‘a proper human being’. Speaking to today’s Weekend Magazine, she said: ‘[Camilla’s] funny, she’s human, she likes a glass of wine. She’s a geezer. She’s what every king needs.’

But Ms Lipman attacked Prince Harry over his relentless attacks of the royals.

She added: ‘This boy... Harry isn’t the full shilling, is he? Let’s go back to bottling things up. Stiff upper lip? Let’s have a bit more of that.’

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