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Ministers ‘could not understand Covid laws’


MINISTERS did not understand their own Covid laws, a former police chief said yesterday.

It came amid a backlash against Matt Hancock’s calls for a ‘plod’ crackdown during the pandemic lockdowns.

Police chiefs responded with fury to leaked private WhatsApp messages revealing how the then-health secretary demanded officers get tough on those flouting Covid rules.

Mr Hancock referred to officers as ‘plod’, and said he gave them ‘their marching orders’.

Former Greater Manchester Police chief Sir Peter Fahy said the exchange showed ministers did not understand the rules they were making.

‘I think lots of people in the police service won’t be surprised at the tone of these remarks,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

‘There was this constant confusion between what was legislatio­n and what was guidance. Often it seemed ministers themselves didn’t understand the impact of the legislatio­n.’

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