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Reality star gets 21 months for cashing in on sex video of ex

- By Chris Brooke

A SHAMELESS reality TV star was jailed for 21 months yesterday for humiliatin­g his ex-girlfriend by cashing in on a sex video.

Former Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear, described by even his own lawyer as having ‘delusions of grandeur’, and Love Island star Georgia Harrison, 28, were filmed on his home CCTV cameras having sex in his garden.

The footage was later uploaded to adult subscripti­on site OnlyFans – making him around £2,300 – despite Ms Harrison’s pleas to not share it. She said in her victim impact statement that before the

‘Completely ruin my life’

incident she was a ‘ happy-golucky’ person but afterwards suffered so many panic attacks she needed hospital treatment.

Ms Harrison, who has also featured in The Only Way Is Essex, added that she felt ‘physically sick’ when the video was shared and cried ‘hysterical­ly for hours’.

Unrepentan­t Bear, 33, turned up for sentencing at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday posing for selfies and singing The Lady In Red to a reporter in a red coat.

Tried in December, he was found guilty of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private sexual photograph­s and films with intent to cause distress. As he was led to the cells to start his sentence, he showed no hint of remorse, waving and saying: ‘Have a good evening, enjoy your weekends everyone.’ Judge Christophe­r Morgan said Bear had caused Ms Harrison ‘extensive humiliatio­n and embarrassm­ent’ and accused him of exploiting her fame for profit.

Ms Harrison said her earnings had since ‘dropped dramatical­ly’.

The illicit filming took place at Bear’s home in Loughton, Essex, in 2020 after the pair enjoyed a boozy lunch at a Turkish restaurant. He confessed about the recordings later that day and Ms Harrison asked him not to share them because it would ‘completely ruin my life’.

Weeks later, however, she discovered the videos had been uploaded to OnlyFans.

The pair met in 2012 and went on the reality show The Challenge in 2018, when they started dating. Ms Harrison said the relationsh­ip ended when ‘he slept with someone in our hotel room’.

Ms Harrison waived her right to anonymity during Bear’s trial, telling jurors it ‘disappeare­d the moment [the footage] surfaced’.

Former labourer Bear was at court yesterday with his fiancee Jessica Smith, herself an OnlyFans model. His barrister Gemma Rose told the judge: ‘He has issues with delusions of grandeur and distorted thinking.’

The judge also imposed a restrainin­g order not to contact Ms Harrison for five years and Bear has to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

Ms Harrison said she was happy at the sentence. She added: ‘I want to let all other victims of this crime know I stand in solidarity with them and I have absolutely no regrets in waiving my anonymity.’

 ?? ?? Delusions: Stephen Bear arrives at court yesterday with his fiancee Jessica Smith
Victim: Georgia Harrison yesterday
Delusions: Stephen Bear arrives at court yesterday with his fiancee Jessica Smith Victim: Georgia Harrison yesterday

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