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How plastics can end up in a foetus’s organs


EXPERTS have recommende­d drinking out of glass or metal bottles due to fears that tiny plastic particles may damage our health.

Dr Luisa Campagnolo, an expert in histology and embryology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, warned there is mounting evidence that micro and nanoplasti­cs end up in human tissue.

Previous studies have shown microscopi­c particles – a by-product of the degradatio­n of plastic – can end up in the human bloodstrea­m and even the placenta.

But a new study of rats, shown at the American Associatio­n for the Advancemen­t of Science’s conference, reveals ingested plastics can end up in a foetus’s organs. Dr Campagnolo, who wasn’t involved in that study, said: ‘It’s probably less handy but we should not drink bottled water in plastic bottles. We should go back to glass.’

Dr Philip Demokritou, a nanoscienc­e expert at Rutgers University, New Jersey, said his rat study, published last month in Nanomateri­als, showed: ‘From the stomach of the pregnant animal, 24 hours later we found these microand nano-plastics in the placenta. More importantl­y, we found them in every organ of the foetus...’

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