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Cate: LA men hate supporting women


OSCAR-TIPPED Cate Blanchett complains that big-name actors are not keen to take on supporting roles in films where women have the leading parts.

‘It’s very hard to get our brothers in so-called “Hollywood” to play the supporting roles that we [women] will very happily play in a good story with a good director,’ says the star of Tar. ‘That still is difficult.’

Referring to sexism and ageism in the film world, Blanchett, 53, says even her own husband, playwright Andrew Upton, 57, thought her career might be time limited.

‘The landscape has certainly changed. In the dawn of time when I entered the film industry . . . I remember my husband saying to me, in an incredibly supportive way, “Enjoy it, babe, you’ve got five years, if you’re lucky.”

‘And that was true for women.’

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