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CHILDREN AGED 6 MONTHS-5: ‘ The NHS recommends pre- school children take vitamins A, C and D daily,’ says public health nutritioni­st Emma Derbyshire, who is a spokespers­on for the Health and Food Supplement­s Informatio­n Service.

‘This is particular­ly important if they happen to be faddy eaters, as they might be missing out on important nutrients.’

TEENAGE GIRLS: Research shows that teenage girls can struggle to meet their nutritiona­l needs through diet.

According to Emma Derbyshire, half of all girls fall below the recommende­d daily intake of iron and many can be short on B vitamins and magnesium, needed to support healthy skin and mood.

WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT/ TRYING FOR A BABY: Look for a ‘planning to conceive’ multivitam­in formulated to top up important nutrients such as folic acid, says Emma Derbyshire. And during pregnancy, ‘the baby gets first call on nutrients it needs from your diet, so make sure you’re taking in enough nutrients to keep yourself healthy’. WOMEN IN MENOPAUSE: A good diet will help the body adjust to hormonal changes, but a multivitam­in can also be useful at this time, says Emma Derbyshire, who suggests a compound supplement formulated specifical­ly for mid-life.

VEGANS: The NHS advises that people who eat a vegan diet take a vitamin B12 supplement. Emma Derbyshire says a multivitam­in containing B12 is a good idea.

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