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Frolic on the lawn


FOR a beautiful lawn ready for summer games and picnics, now is the time to make some repairs. If your grass is soggy, pierce the surface with a garden fork at sixinch intervals to aerate it, then sprinkle a dressing over the top. You can buy specialise­d top dressings, which are a mix of sand and loam.

Remove moss using a lawn rake with slender, flexible tines. Are there patches that need reseeding after the winter? If so, what seed mix do you want to use?

Johnsons has a handy guide to choosing what type is best for you ( johnsonsla­wnseed.com). There are different blends depending on how you use your lawn. Does it get lots of wear and tear from children and pets? Is it in shade? Is it purely ornamental? Or do you want a more naturalist­ic look? This year, I have gone for a mix of tough grass and a clover-rich mix.

Once you have prepared your lawn, choose a dry day, then use bamboo canes to form a square of around one metre. Measure out the recommende­d amount of grass seed and either sprinkle by hand or use an applicator to sow inside the square.

Move the canes and repeat, that way ensuring even coverage. Give it a good hosing and if it doesn’t rain, continue to water daily until the lawn has establishe­d.

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