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DiCaprio and Kardashian quizzed by FBI over links to fugitive financier

- From Daniel Bates in New York

KIM Kardashian and Leonardo diCaprio were quizzed by the FBI over links to a fugitive billionair­e playboy.

Kardashian flew home with $350,000 (£292,000) given to her by Jho Low after gambling in Las Vegas.

And diCaprio said he and Low were so close they partied together and called each other ‘my man’ and ‘Ldogg’. The details are in newly released FBI documents about Low, who is accused by the US of embezzling billions of dollars from Malaysian sovereign-wealth fund 1MdB.

He was charged by the department of Justice in

2018 with money laundering, bribery and other crimes, and is a fugitive, thought to be in China.

According to Bloomberg Businesswe­ek, Kardashian ( pictured), a reality TV star, told the FBI that Low gave her $100,000 (£83,000) for fireworks for her wedding in 2011. One night in Las Vegas she was playing baccarat in a private room and ready to leave but was persuaded to stay by a pal who said they had ‘heard stories of Low giving people chips at the end of the night’, the documents state. Kardashian won a hand. As she tried to turn her winnings over to Low he told her to keep it. She said she went to the casino counter and was given $250,000 (£208,000). FBI agents wrote: ‘[She] put the trash bag full of cash in her carry-on bag and boarded a flight’. She collected the rest in a bin bag on a later trip to Vegas

diCaprio’s ties to Low, who briefly dated supermodel Miranda Kerr, were deeper. Low helped finance his movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The star met Low in 2010, and said he was told Low was a ‘Mozart of the business world’.

They introduced their mothers to each other and talked about starting a $1bn (£830m) fund to pay for diCaprio’s films and a theme park in Asia based on his movies. diCaprio received freebies from him, including an Oscar won by Marlon Brando. Low has denied wrongdoing. The US has returned more than £1bn of allegedly misappropr­iated funds to investors.

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 ?? ?? Party-goers: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jho Low
Party-goers: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jho Low

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