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PL push for concussion subs


THE Premier League is to ramp up the pressure on rulemakers to introduce temporary concussion substitute­s — with 18 out of 20 clubs in favour of their arrival.

Sportsmail understand­s that a letter will be sent to IFAB ahead of a meeting tomorrow after all but West Ham and Aston Villa voted in favour of a trial. In January — to much outcry — IFAB refused permission for a trial to take place in the top flight in a move Sportsmail columnist Chris Sutton said ‘beggared belief’. The FA and PFA had backed a request which also included France’s Ligue 1 and MLS in the United States. But they were stunned when IFAB turned it down, stating that they preferred to concentrat­e on permanent concussion substitute­s. Experts believe temporary substitute­s are more appropriat­e as the opportunit­y to return to the field means players who have suffered head injuries are more likely to commit to being properly assessed. It also relieves pressure on medical staff. The letter will state that the top flight wants to start a trial next season.

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