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Smile, please... and you just might get the job

- From Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor in Washington DC

WHEN going for an interview there are several things to consider – but simply smiling could be key to landing the job, according to a study.

Researcher­s said flashing a grin could make you appear more ‘hireable’ as it projects confidence and willingnes­s.

It also makes people appear more attractive – meaning others are more inclined to like you, they added.

In tests on 280 people, workers rated candidates who smiled in photos on job site LinkedIn as more competent than those with neutral expression­s. The study, presented at the American Associatio­n for the Advancemen­t of Science annual conference in Washington DC, found that, on a scale of one to seven, smiling candidates scored an average of 5.11 while nonsmilers averaged 4.99.

Study leader Sabrina Chan, from the University of Toronto, said: ‘First impression­s are very important and research shows people have stronger memories for happy faces.’

Past research has had mixed results, with some finding that a serious expression can make you look more profession­al and boost hiring chances.

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