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Ulster is STILL under EU law, says eurocrat

- By Tom Witherow Senior Political Correspond­ent

A TOP Brussels negotiator has claimed EU law will still apply in Northern Ireland despite Rishi Sunak’s new deal.

Maros Sefcovic told the European Parliament’s Brexit committee that the veto over the applicatio­n of EU laws in Northern Ireland was ineffectiv­e and that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would still have ultimate authority.

The European Commission vice president was a key player in the Windsor Framework agreement, holding calls with the Foreign Secretary and Northern Ireland Secretary in the preceding weeks.

His words, made at a private event, will anger members of the Unionist DUP and Euroscepti­c ERG group of Tory MPs, who are expected to reveal whether they will support the deal before the Budget.

Mr Sefcovic said the Stormont Brake, which allows Stormont and Westminste­r to reject new EU laws ‘is very much limited in the scope,’ and can only be used ‘under very strict conditions’, in a recording obtained by the Sunday Telegraph.

He added: ‘Be under no impression that there will be a diminishin­g of the role of the European Court of Justice. We’ve been very clear from the beginning... the role of the ECJ as the sole and final arbiter of EU law stays in place.’

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