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Cummings era was a nightmare, said Rishi

- By Deputy Chief Reporter

RISHI Sunak described Dominic Cummings’ regime as a ‘nightmare’ he hoped would never be repeated, leaked messages reveal.

The then chancellor expressed relief at the end of the controvers­ial adviser’s time in Downing Street in messages to Matt Hancock, then health secretary.

Their conversati­on was disclosed in the latest tranche of leaked WhatsApp texts published by the Telegraph.

The men, both in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet at the time, joked about Mr Cummings’ unlikely prospects of being ‘at the heart of the future Sunak administra­tion’.

The pair were complainin­g after Mr Cummings told Parliament in May 2021 that tens of thousands died needlessly in the pandemic. Mr Hancock said: ‘Of all the bonkersnes­s about Dom’s circus, the one I enjoy most is that he’s doing this to secure his place at the heart of the future Sunak administra­tion.’

Mr Sunak replied: ‘ Ha! Ironic given I haven’t spoken to him since he left!’

‘It’s just awful & a stark reminder of how hard governing was,’ Mr Hancock replied, adding a ‘scream’ emoji. Mr Sunak said: ‘Yup. It was such a difficult time for all of us. A nightmare I hope we never ever have to repeat.’

The messages also show that Mr Hancock’s ex-aide Jamie Njoku-Goodwin branded Mr Cummings a ‘piece of s***’ and a ‘psychopath’ for turning on the minister in a separate parliament­ary hearing.

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