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A curfew for cats... to stop them killing other animals

- By Isaan Khan

STRICT cat curfews have been introduced across Australia in a bid to stop them driving other animals to extinction.

The drastic move has seen owners face restrictio­ns such as a limit on the number of cats per household and rules that owners must keep the pets on a lead to leave the property.

Councils also have the power to introduce full cat lockdowns across many of the states.

Australia is home to five million domestic cats as well as three million strays. They have wiped out 27 native animals, from the pig-footed bandicoot to the desert kangaroo rat.

Western Australia and New South Wales – the states where there are no provisions – are under pressure to fall into line, according to the Sunday Times.

MP Emma Hurst believes compulsory cat containmen­t laws represents a ‘death sentence’ for many who escape.

Pet cats kill 3 0million animals, reptiles and birds a year.

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