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Hunt for three friends aged 20 missing with two men after night out in bar

- By Katherine Lawton and Gemma Parry

Three young women and two men were still missing last night – after a second day – as relatives were ‘worried sick’.

Sophie russon, eve Smith, and Darcy ross, all 20, were at the Muffler bar and club in Maesglas, Newport, south Wales, on Friday evening, before they are thought to have headed to Trecco Bay in Porthcawl.

According to reports, the trio were with Shane Loughlin and rafel Jeanne, thought to be from Cardiff.

relatives of the three women said none of them had been seen or heard from since 2am on Saturday, and that none has been active on social media.

Locals have been driving between Newport and Cardiff in a desperate hunt. Some have been searching lanes nearby

‘We are all worried sick’

and others enquiring in local hotels. Family members of the missing girls have said it is very unusual of them not to be in touch for so long.

And Ms Smith’s car is still at the Muffler club, according to her sister Lauren Doyle.

Ms Doyle wrote online: ‘It is known that they went to the Muffler in Maesglas and then went to Trecco Bay on Friday night but left there to an unknown location during the night. They were last seen at approximat­ely 2am.

‘None of them have made contact with friends or family, which is very unusual. We are all worried sick and thinking the worst.’ She later added that Ms Smith’s belongings, including her car keys and bank card, were with their mother, meaning she has no access to transport or funds.

Tori Preece, Ms russon’s aunt, added: ‘My niece and her friends have been missing since Friday night. There has been no contact and no social media presence since the early hours of Saturday morning.

‘They are not girls who take unnecessar­y risks and are always in close contact with their families. All of the families involved are extremely concerned. The police are involved and they have been recorded as missing persons.’

A relative of Shane Loughlin said he was also missing and his family were working with the police to locate him.

An appeal has also been shared online in a local sea fishing group, with the author urging members: ‘Guys if anyone has seen anything, can you contact the numbers shown or the police please.’

Meanwhile a spokesman for Trecco Bay holiday Park said: ‘We are aware of reports of five missing people. None of these people were registered guests at the park, however we are assisting police.’

Gwent Police said it was investigat­ing, with South Wales Police, covering Porthcawl, also thought to be involved.

 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Unusual silence: Darcy Ross, left, and Eve Smith
Unusual silence: Darcy Ross, left, and Eve Smith
 ?? ?? No sign: Sophie Russon
No sign: Sophie Russon

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