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Yoga can boost men’s love life


FOR men who need to last a bit longer in the bedroom, rolling out a yoga mat may be a good idea.

A scientific review suggests yoga or running can tackle premature ejaculatio­n.

Experts studied men who could not last as long as they or their partner wanted – often less than three minutes.

They looked at 54 studies including 3,485 men. Most studies into this area are small.

One research paper involved men aged 18 to 45. A group of 35 were told to run for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

They went from lasting 39 seconds on average to more than three minutes.

Those told to walk only half an hour a day for this time lasted 50 seconds.

Another study looked at 26 men who did 12 weeks of yoga. The time they lasted more than tripled, from just under 26 seconds to almost a minute and a half on average after the course.

The review, led by Anglia Ruskin University, found weak evidence that a ginseng berry extract could improve men’s sexual performanc­e. Lee Smith, a senior review author and public health professor, said: ‘This evidence is based on studies involving a small number of men, and we need more research in this area, but approaches like physical activity could help all men.’

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