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£400 gadget to spot signs of dementia


AN at-home device that could detect early signs of dementia could be available in five years, experts say.

Scientists have developed a £400 box that uses video game technology to monitor a person’s gait as they move around a room.

The Sense4Safe­ty system, installed on the ceiling, uses infrared depth sensors to analyse walking speed, stride length and time taken to stand up and travel a certain distance. It can then detect subtle changes – indicating rising instabilit­y – to be examined by profession­als.

Professor George Demiris, of the University of Pennsylvan­ia, presented it at the American Associatio­n for the Advancemen­t of Science’s annual conference in Washington DC.

Previous studies have shown changes in walking speed occur as early as a decade before the developmen­t of dementia.

Professor Demiris said further testing could make the devices available in around five years.

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